Go Will Slicer!

on Wednesday, 13 April 2016.

Go Will Slicer!

FailZero is proud to sponsor Will Slicer, US Army Veteran with the 82nd Airborne Infantry. He’s been shooting competitively since May of 2015, concentrating on 3gun. Will says he loves 3gun because “it’s challenging, fun, and unpredictable”. In February, Sandhills Shooting Sports in SC hosted their first ever 3gun Nation Club series match, and Will took first place overall. He’s planning to shoot the AL and SC 3gun Nation Regional events, as well as the Area 6 USPSA Multigun championship, the Tarheel Challenge, the Warsport Team Match, and 3gun Nation Nationals at VIR.

When asked about FailZero, he stated: “I couldn’t believe the difference in how my rifle performed when I dropped a FailZero BCG in it. Ejections are perfect, smooth loading, and the EXO Nickel Boron treatment makes for the most reliable BCG on the market.”

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